Self Promotion

Welcome to the Public Relations side of my blog. This week I was supposed to be covering SEO (search engine optimization) which is an Internet marketing strategy that I’ll cover in two weeks. On that note let me be clear the PR, SEO, Marketing side of this blog is not just to document how I’m promoting my script work but it’s also for you to do the same. After doing research I learned that I started out on the wrong foot. This type of blog is a niche market. Screenwriting is a crowded market so you have to stand out. Search yourself interest, talents and experiences to find what could make your site stick out. For example, I studied Creative Writing at Columbia College Chicago, I was taught many forms of writing there. Combine that with my desire to see my stories acted out. Lastly I realized many artists have problems promoting their own work. By combining those three important things I came up with this blog. So take some time and explore your being to find your concept. If it helps add something you are passionate about so you can produce work even when you don’t feel like it.

From my research I learned that to be properly use SEO techniques you have to own your domain name. Yes, it will require you to put up money, but it shows people you put your money where your mouth is. Your name should stick out, just make sure it makes sense. If you need some help look at blogs you like and observe their URLs. Along with that you must have an original layout. It’s visual proof you care about your brand. I’ll talk more about that later. Both of these steps can present an issue or two and that’s ok. Just push through and be creative. Nothing worth doing will be entirely easy. Just remember your work and blog are a representation of yourself. Let your taste, ideas and skills be on display.

Like said before your presentation is a part of your brand but there is more to it. After you have found what will make your blog stand out display it in a professional manner. People will be on the site to see your work, so show off with amazing content. That will require proofreading, proper format, editing and being flexible. You also must have a consistent post schedule that you can maintain, you want people to see your work gets completed on time. With that said be honest with your audience, if you really couldn’t honor the schedule make sure you tell them something. These things allow readers to see the artist you are and could be. So try these things out and come back next week where I will continue the script series.